Pixlr X: Free Online Photo Editor for Quickly Retouching Images

Online image editors can be handy for quickly editing images. Be it a picture for a business presentation, school project or your Instagram profile, there are very few free image editors that can get the job done with ease. One such free online photo editor is Pixlr X.

PIXLR X, The New New Photo Editor

You can edit pictures for personal use, such as retouching photos for Instagram or even for a PowerPoint presentation slide. The ease of use and handy features of the web app make it worth a try. Even if you’re not logged in, Pixlr X saves your active editing project that you can get back to by going to the home page.

Pixlr x

Search or Upload an Image

You can get started by either starting a new project via Create New, search for a stock image to edit and download via Stock Search, upload or use the URL for an image to start editing it.

Edit new picture in Pixlr X Photo Editor

Add Shapes, Photo Effects and Adjust Image Colors

Using Pixlr X you can perform various functions that are offered by common image editors. The difference is you can do all that from the cloud, using an internet browser. You can crop and resize your image, add text or shapes, use overlays to give your images an Instagram or 90s background style, etc.

Add text and shapes into Pixlr X Photo Editor

Download Your Edited Images

Unlike other picture editors available online, Pixlr X allows you to download your images without a watermark. You can download your pictures in JPG, PNG< WEBP or PXD format. You can even choose the image quality, i.e. low, medium or high.

Save image from Pixlr X Photo Editor

Pixlr X Video Tutorial

You can learn more about Pixlr x from the video tutorial given below.

Final Words

While many of the retouching features in Pixlr X are premium, you can easily use it for quickly retouching images online. You can design your photos free, however if you want something similar to an Instagram edit or want cool images to draw, you will require going premium.

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