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Generating infographics has become easier than ever before as one can simply use a web app and a few readymade templates to make elaborate and statistically accurate graphics in no time. If you wish to create infographics for your blog, PowerPoint presentation, school project or for any other purpose, then you should try This web service enables generating infographics using a simple wizard and a few readymade templates. Furthermore, the infographics generated using this web app can be downloaded in PNG or PDF format or you can share them online.

Create infographics

Easily Generate Interactive Infographics

To begin making your infographics, sign up for account or login using Facebook or Twitter. Once logged in you are shown three options, namely; Create, Library and Upgrade to Pro. The first option is to begin generating infographics, whereas, the second takes you to saved infographics in your profile.


Infographic And Chart Templates

When you hit Create, two tabs are displayed. The Infographics tab is meant for making infographics, whereas, the Charts tab can be used for creating elaborate statistical charts. You can use any of the given designs to begin making your infographic. These designs are basically readymade templates that can be edited out to add your own content. To pick a template click Use Design.

Select Infographic Design

Make Infographics With Text, Pictures, Maps, Charts And Videos

This will open the template with dummy text which can be changed as per your requirement to create infographics. Other than text, you can add charts, maps, pictures and videos to create interactive infographics.

Create interactive infographics

Download Infographics As PNG or PDF And Share Them Online

With you can also download your infographics as a PNG or PDF file, as well as print or email it. Infographics created using can also be shared privately with specific people. Moreover, you can publicly share your charts and infographics using social media buttons, direct link and embed code.

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Publish Infographic

While is a free web service, you will require a PRO account to make your infographics downloadable.

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    1. Hi Leekesh. Unfortunately doesn’t seem it is possible since there is lot of HTML code in the generated infographic. However, you may try to print the infographic inside the container, or you can try to remove unused HTML. For example in Chrome you can do it with the Inspect Element tool. Here is an example:

  1. Hi Julian

    Thanks for the trick.

    It worked for me. You can also do it using firefox’s “firebug”, a live html webpage editor addon for firefox similar to the one you have mentioned here in Google Chrome.

    The only thing you need to do is open the editor on footer > click on html > edit and remove the follwing code “”.

    Doing so will detach the container with the infographic you have created making it possible to crop it using external browser tools such as “Abduction for Firefox” or ” other similar addons.

    Thank you again

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