Download The Kineo 360 Appraisal Module For Moodle

Recently, we covered Quick360, which is a free web app for conducting 360 Degree appraisals. Similarly, if you are looking for offline templates for conducting 360 Degree appraisals, you can use the 360 Employee Evaluation Feedback Template for PowerPoint. However, if you use the Moodle Learning Management System and would like to enhance its functionality to include 360 Degree evaluation, you can use Kineo’s 360 Appraisal Module For Moodle.

350 Degree Appraisal Module For Moodle

Conduct 360 Degree Appraisals By Gathering Feedback From Internal And External Sources

This plug-in module can be used by organizations to gather 360 Degree Feedback directly via Moodle. The functionality of this module includes; the ability to use custom definitions for rating scales, self- appraisal for rating competencies, the utility to add managers, peers, customers and other types of individuals for 360 Degree feedback, automatic emailing and online feedback gathering options, anonymous reporting, spider diagram summaries and more.


You can add this module to any course area in Moodle or Totara, which is the custom distribution of Moodle for corporate use. With this module you can create a competency structure which can contain different levels. The grading scale for these competences can be customized.

Overview of 360 Appraisal Module  moodle

Invite Users For 360 Degree Feedback

A specified number of people can be invited for 360 Degree Feedback and the respondents can be grouped into different categories, such as colleagues, managers, customers, etc. Moreover, the respondents can be sent a link via email for the assessment form. Once the responses have been received, users with the appropriate privileges can view the responses.


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