360 Employee Evaluation Feedback Template for PowerPoint

360 Employee Evaluation Feedback template is a free diagram for PowerPoint presentations that was created with SmartArt objects and that you can download if you are looking for free employee evaluation templates. Free 360-degrees evaluation process is one of the process used to evaluate an employee taking into account all the people that he or she has connections in a company team, including the manager, the colleagues and the subordinates.

360 Employee Evaluation Feedback Template for PowerPoint .

You can also include other parties like external customers or internal customers. This experience can be very rich for an organization including a a comprehensive communication plan for all those involved in giving and receiving feedback. You can also make assessment against competencies relevant to the current strategy of your organisation or demonstrate confidentiality during the process and of the data and anonymity for respondents to make the evaluation process effective.

360-degrees evaluation process can be very effective and flexible method for distribution and return of questionnaires. You can also perform one to one feedback by trained facilitators and get detailed evaluation outcomes from the process.

360 evaluation feedback template

Here is another picture showing how the diagram looks in this free PowerPoint presentation template that you can download for employee evaluation process.

employee evaluation diagram

Alternatively you can download other free employee self evaluation template, sample employee evaluation template, employee evaluation template for Excel, PDF or PowerPoint presentations as well as employee evaluation template review.

Top notch tools and systems are also widely adopted to be used for employee evaluation including those that you can find in the responses posted here on SuperUser and other tools for 360 degree feedback system, CIPD 360 degree feedback and samples of other companies work with outcomes.

360 Employee Evaluation PowerPoint (3134 downloads)

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