AutoCollage: Automatically Create Amazing Collage From Memorable Photos

Creating a collage of memorable photos using conventional applications like Adobe PhotoShop or the very rudimentary Microsoft Paint isn’t the easiest task. Even graphic designers and image manipulation experts can have a hard time making the collage look attractive and appropriate enough to serve as a memento or a slide for a PowerPoint presentation about your team building trip. Whether you are a novice user or an expert designer, save yourself the trouble and time of using an image editing application as you can use a much easier collage making tool. AutoCollage is a product by Microsoft Research Cambridge which is capable enough of instantly creating an amazing collage for you in a matter of seconds.

Collage Made With AutoCollage

Create A Collage By Simply Selecting A Folder Containing Your Photos

Making a collage using AutoCollage is as easy as selecting a folder with at least 7 photos. You can also select various sub-folders once the primary folder has been detected. To select a folder containing the required images, click Image Browser option. All pictures and sub-folders will be automatically detected and you will be shown the images which can be converted into a collage. You can move the slider to increase the number of images that you wish to add to the collage.

Photos For Collage

Automatically Detect Faces From Photos

Before creating your collage you can optionally configure collage features via Options. From here you can select overlapping and  image ranking preferences, enable automatic detection for faces in the photos, as well as select a collage size and type (Portrait or Landscape).

AutoCollage Options

Create Collage At The Click of a Button

Once you have selected the folder containing your photos you can click Create to make your collage. As mentioned earlier, you will require specifying the number of images to be used by moving the slider on the right. the minimum number of images for any collage are 7.

Photos For Collage

Share Your Collage With Others

After a Collage has been created you can either save it as a JPG image, email it to others or instantly set it as your desktop wallpaper.

Save Collage

AutoCollage is a paid application, however you can download the 30-day trial version to test the product. The trial version is only good for evaluating the features of this software as it creates collages with a watermark. When you purchase AutoCollage, you are given a product key to register your copy of the software. AutoCollage costs $19.95 and works with the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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