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In a previous post we covered, which provides 3D animations, clipart, and templates for Microsoft PowerPoint for making attention grabbing presentations. If you are looking for another website which may offer various types of animated content for your presentations, video productions or website, then check out Animation Factory. As the name suggests, this website provides a wide range of professionally made video animations, animated PowerPoint Templates, clipart, backgrounds, sound effects and media elements.

Animation Factory

Animations That Can Help You Create Amazing Presentations, Websites And Videos

The available animated content at this website is not just limited to PowerPoint presentations and can be used for various purposes. Whether you need a nice animation for your website, some video to help you create engaging content for your YouTube channel or clipart and templates that can instantly grab the attention of your audience, Animation Factory has it all.

Animated PowerPoint Templates

Animated Content For All Kinds Of Topics

With 500,000 animations,  and 3D Illustrations, Animation Factory is like an assembly line that produces animated raw material that can be molded according to any subject to aid your creativity and also to make it easier for you to create your project. For example, the availability of an animated PowerPoint template with some animated clipart can help you add relevant text to present your ideas in a more interesting manner. This may include adding a touch of satire, comic elements and even serious content using animated backgrounds, clipart and templates. Moreover, Animation Factory also has animated material that is very specific for certain topics like environment, business, education, music, nature, technology, transportation, sports, science, holidays, etc.

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Power Clipart  at Animation Factory

HD Video Backgrounds, Sound Effects, Music Loops And Flash Animations

Animation Factory also offers high definition video backgrounds, sound effects, music loops and awesome flash animations. These can be used for a variety of purposes, including video editing, presentations, screencasts, professional production projects and the like.

HD Video Background  at Animation Factory

While Animation Factory does not offer free animated pictures, templates or clipart. You can get access to 500,000 Animated Clip Art and media elements for just a yearly fee of $59.95 (Gold Membership). To download other types of content such as templates, HD Videos, flash animations and PowerPoint templates, you can opt for the $99.95/year Platinum or $199.95 Pro membership.

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