Cliff Atkinson’s Book Beyond Bullet Points

The President of Sociable Media Cliff Atkinson has earned himself a reputation for thinking out of the box and suggesting ideas that are innovative and contemporary. The book Cliff Atkinson Beyond Bullet Points and its concept has caused a stir amongst those who followed the conventional styles of presentation blindly. It is an inspiration call for those who wish to create exceptionally impressive demonstrations.

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Cliff Atkinson's Book Beyond Bullet Points Review on Amazon He is a motivation for those who have understood that the audience these days demands more than mere text in the background and a speaker either repeating those words or elaborating on them. The Beyond Bullet Points (BBP) is actually a three step process which clears your doubts on adopting the newest presentation trends. It is not a simple change in the slideshow methodology rather when looked at from a broader perspective it introduces you to the world of modern effective communication skills.

Now what is important to be noted here is that, this renowned independent management consultant strategizes his techniques by studying the cognitive development concept of the human brain. The methodology of simplifying complex ideas by using images and graphics is applied by this presenter skillfully.

BBP. It stands for Beyond Bullet Points. BBP was Cliff Atkinson’s idea. He’s the best-selling author, speaker and consultant to CEOs who, literally, wrote the book on changing the way we present with PowerPoint. Cliff wrote it to help people present their ideas far more effectively than they ever imagined and, as a result, better present themselves.

Another factor that he emphasizes on, is the time given to an individual for presenting his ideas. It is within this time frame that you make or break your impression, hence one must take the duration factor critically.

Furthermore, he stresses on the need that the presenter must put himself in the shoes of the audience and see whether they are able to grasp so much of data on the slides. For instance, he holds that a clear headline is easier for the reader to understand and he is not left to decode or ponder over what that tricky title on the slide stands for.

Cliff Atkinson is highly in favor of the story-telling concept. Whether your slide has a single keyword or proper phrases, your ability to connect your speech with it decides how far will the audience focus on your conversation. He has even come up with this idea of two animated words on the slide and the rest on the skills of the presenter.

If you too are looking for certain penetrating and remarkable presentation ideas, he is man to look out for.

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