Create a digital wall with your photos or make presentations using wall themed PowerPoint templates to depict concepts like success, failure, achievements, obstacles, career management, etc.

There are a number of recommended apps, templates and tools in posts below that can help you create picture collages which you can use for your digital albums, presentations and social accounts.

Your Wall Display Animated PowerPoint Template

Walls and art go hand in hand. Whether it is an art gallery displaying paintings or street graffiti, walls and artists seem to have a symbiotic bond. Your Wall Display Animated PowerPoint Template perfectly uses this bond to create an artful slide deck.

Animated Video For PowerPoint: Breaking The Wall To Get Into The Light

Obstacles are a common part of business ventures and life in general. Sometimes it’s best to describe these issues using interesting animations that can help your audience get a good laugh.

Breaking Through Walls Animated PowerPoint Template

In most presentations one may require elaborating upon topics related to obstacles and their possible solutions. These obstacles are symbolic for walls which need to be broken to proceed to the next level. Breaking Through Walls PowerPoint Template is an animated template for PowerPoint that provides editable slides that depict this idea.

Challenges And Hurdles PowerPoint Graphics For Presentations

Overcoming challenges and hurdles is a major part of all business ventures and being a business professional you might have to translate this in a presentation. While you can use various Business PowerPoint Templates to show your point of view, sometimes something outside the box works just as good. If you are looking for some …

Organize Tasks And Collaborate With Friends Online With Symphonical

Symphonical is a web service which acts as an online calendar for organizing your daily tasks. It has many useful features that allow you to add tasks with images, organize them according to a schedule within a calendar and invite friends to collaborate with you. Symphonical also comes with Google Hangouts integration which further adds …

Add Amazing Photo Effects In Just A Click With Fotor

Many free image editing applications are either too complex to use by common users or are deprived of advanced image manipulation features. If you are looking for an application that is not complicated like Photoshop, Creative Docs or Inkscape and can also provide you with the utility to create attractive collages like Microsoft’s AutoCollage, then …

AutoCollage: Automatically Create Amazing Collage From Memorable Photos

Creating a collage of memorable photos using conventional applications like Adobe PhotoShop or the very rudimentary Microsoft Paint isn’t the easiest task. Even graphic designers and image manipulation experts can have a hard time making the collage look attractive and appropriate enough to serve as a memento or a slide for a PowerPoint presentation about …

Make a Wall and Tell a Story with Pixt.com

Did you hear about Pixt? Pixt is a new online service that allows users to create their own wall where they can share content, pictures, videos, music etc with their friends and family. Pixt walls are real time and collaborative allowing users to collect photographs, videos and content from different sources including hard drives, linked …