Animated Traffic Signals PowerPoint Template

Traffic signals suffer from the same level of discrimination as trees; they are underappreciated! Sarcasm aside, traffic signals are an essential part of basic infrastructure for any major city and even small towns and villages. I still remember a children’s book I read as a child which showed what happens when a traffic signal isn’t working; accidents. The Animated Traffic Signals PowerPoint Template provides traffic signal slide designs with preconfigured animations and editable slide objects which makes customization so much more fun.

Animations with Changing Colors of Traffic Lights

The animations in this template depict various layouts with traffic signals changing from red, yellow to green. There are also placeholders in different slides with these three colors. The title slide depicts three traffic lights each with one color of each of the traffic lights turned on, i.e. green for the first signal. yellow for the second and red for the third (see below screenshot).

Animated traffic signals PowerPoint template

Create Lists, Infographics, Timelines, Roadmaps & Diagrams

With the sample layouts you can create anything from lists, infographics to roadmaps, timelines and even custom diagrams. You can either simply add text to the sample slides or comprehensively customize them by changing the color of slide elements.

Traffic signals comparison slide

The slides come with glossy graphics which adds visual appeal and also makes added content stand out. The pre-configured animations reveal added content gradually, making the slides attractive and attention grabbing enough to help you keep your audience attentive.

Traffic signals timeline slide

Suitable for any Presentation Topic

You can use this template for making any type of presentation, whether it is directly relevant to traffic signals, roads, road safety or a presentation about a totally different topic.

Create lists and infographics

This is because this is a general-purpose template which is not rigidly tied to a specific topic. However, should you use this template for road and traffic related presentations, the animations would be absolutely perfect for your slide deck.

Traffic signal slide design

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