Traffic Light Symbols for PowerPoint Presentations

Traffic Lights are often used in dashboards and PowerPoint presentations. If you are looking for high quality traffic lights and traffic symbols then the PowerPoint cliparts available on PresenterMedia can be very helpful. Below we show you some examples of traffic light symbols that you can find and download with a subscription to PresenterMedia. If you subscribe now you can get a 40% discount.

Traffic Lights for PowerPoint

Yon can download and use the following LED traffic light in PowerPoint presentations with different traffic light colors including green, yellow and red, and some other animated traffic lights can also be downloaded and used in your presentation slides.

Stop Light Graphics for PowerPoint

Then you can get other 3D traffic lights and cliparts like the following 3D traffic light symbol with animation.

traffic light ppt

This is an animation of a stoplight changing colors and signals that you can download and use in your PowerPoint presentations to indicate safety or signal as well as other warning situations or caution. You can also use this in presentations on electricity, utilities and traffic control.

Download PresenterMedia – Traffic Lights PPT template

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