Animated Spaceship Video Background for PowerPoint

Today’s advancements in technology make so many things possible. What we once thought of as science fiction is now a reality. From electronic vehicles to home automation as well as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, these are now as common as other basic products that we have around. Now, if you’re one of those who are into science and technology, or even have rockets and physics as part of your studies or work, then you’re in luck because PresenterMedia has a new Spaceship Video Background for PowerPoint that you can use for all kinds of presentations.

Make Science Themed Decks Much More Exciting

Science and technology decks don’t have to be boring and highly technical. If you want to break the heavy stuff of numbers and complex concepts, you can use this Animated Spaceship Video Background for PowerPoint to wow your audience. One of the many presentation don’ts that people still forget is that if you’re tackling heavy, technical subjects, you have to temper it with something light to relieve your audience. This can help prevent them from having information overload, which will just make them zone out halfway through your deck. If you have many concepts and figures in your slides, it helps to break it up with animations, images, and even humor. This Animated Spaceship Video Background for PowerPoint is great to have in your slide arsenal as it can help you impress your audience in many ways.

Animated Spaceship Video PowerPoint Template

This premium template from PresenterMedia, one of the web’s leading resources when it comes to premium, high-definition templates for PowerPoint, offers animated slides that you can use as a stand-alone or as inclusions in your presentations.

Amaze Your Audience with a High-Definition Animated Video Slide

Use this Animated Spaceship Video for All Kinds of Presentations

The Animated Spaceship Video Background for PowerPoint is one of those templates that you can use. It features a high-quality video of space close to Earth, with an approaching spaceship manned by robots and humans. This template can be used to introduce your topic, just before your presentation. It may also be inserted anywhere in your slideshow, as an intermission or a transition. However you use it, you can be sure that this will be an unexpected and welcome surprise for your audience.

Customize the Animated Video Template

Customize Your Own Animated Video

This spaceship video can be downloaded from PresenterMedia and it offers tips on how you can customize the video to suit your own purpose or brand. There are easy-to-use tools to help you get started, especially when it comes to customizing your message, right before downloading it. You may add a text box and change your message, so you can include a presentation title or subtitle. You may also choose to loop the video, as well as add shapes, clipart, or even your own images. You can download the file as MP4, PPTX, WMV, or MOV.

Pick a File Version

There are many things that you can do to customize this animated video, and the limit only is in your imagination. Best of all, whatever you make will definitely be compatible with PowerPoint, allowing you to create various videos for all your different presentation requirements.

Spaceship Console

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