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Personalize and Create Video Presentations with Knovio

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Many presentation professionals struggle with putting their vision into reality. Their creativity may know no bounds, but it all becomes a source of frustration when they can’t translate it clearly and accurately in their presentations and communications materials. Knovio is an advanced tool that you can use to create video presentations.

Video Agenda List Template For PowerPoint


Often, it’s the subtle details that really make something highly interesting and appealing. The same can be said when it comes to slideshows. You can add loud and eye-catching animations and bold splashes of colors, but those can easily distract your audience from your content. Therefore, you can use subtle movement and effects to make your slideshows …

Animated Workplace PowerPoint Templates

When making a presentation about workplace ethics, motivation at the workplace or to touch upon other topics which may involve employees, one can get a message across effectively if the slides come with relevant imagery and animations. This is why we have created a list of PowerPoint templates, animations and clipart which can help you …

Construction PowerPoint Template With Handyman Animation

PowerPoint templates are hardest to find for topics related to construction, repair and allied services. The Install Your Sign PowerPoint Template is a well-crafted animated template which can be used for such topics and others. With this template you can create PowerPoint Presentations about a construction project, a roadmap for completing a construction project, an …

Driving Towards Success PowerPoint Template And Video Animation

If you think taking a few small steps towards success is to slow for your pace, then how about driving to it? Driving Towards Success is a PowerPoint Template, which comes with various animated slides that can help you lighten up the mood during your next presentation about business, success, career coaching, etc.

Animated Train Tracks Video Background For PowerPoint

Sometimes an abstract or generic animation can be just what you need for creating a good presentation. This is because you can mould such a presentation template with your topic and present ideas in a symbolic fashion.

Free Time For Action Template For PowerPoint 2010


If you want to make a statement with your presentation, you can use the Free Time For Action Template For PowerPoint 2010. This video template for PowerPoint presentation is a professionally designed template that displays a close-up look of a clock with time ticking quickly. This template can be used for presentation where you have to …

Moving Pictures for PowerPoint Presentations

If you need to make powerful animated presentations using PowerPoint then you can consider to use moving pictures for PowerPoint presentations. There are many resources where you can download free moving cliparts for PowerPoint but if you are taking seriously the task of presenting a PowerPoint to an important audience and look for high quality …

Create Engaging Animated Video Presentations With VideoScribe

Previously we brought you the review of PowToon which is a webs service for creating animated video presentations. However, if you are looking for a desktop or mobile application which can help you create animated videos in a quick and easy way, then it’s time you tried VideoScribe. Similar to PowToon, VideoScribe provides a wide …

Create Awesome Animations For Business Or Schools With Go Animate

Sometimes when teaching children at school, teachers use animations to explain certain concepts. For example, one may run an animated video that shows an “apple” to represent A and a “ball” to represent B. This makes it easy for children to grasp the concept by viewing an animation that is both educative and fun to …