Animated Simple Icons PowerPoint Template

Want to make a presentation with interesting icons to create infographics and basic custom icons? The Simple Icons Infographics PowerPoint Template is a unique infographic template with animations, icon clipart and more.

Create Animated Infographic Slides And Icons

While the template is meant for making infographics in PowerPoint, you can use it for more than just presentations. This is because you can create printable infographics for personal use by making use of the given icon sets and animated layouts.

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simple icons infographic template

Customize Slides To Generate Static And Animated Infographics

Customizing the sample slides is no big deal. Just enter text and optionally add images to the animated slides and you’re good to go. The animations will automatically complement your added content when you run the presentation as a PowerPoint Slide Show.

The slides in this template are available in both animated and static layouts to help you choose the type which you may find most appropriate for your presentation topic. You can even mix static and animated slides as per your requirements.

infographic timeline slide

Create Animated Infographic Charts

With the diverse slide layouts you can create Infographic Timelines, display trends and present your ideas using novel layouts which are bound to keep your audience interested till the end of your presentation.

You can also edit the chart slides in this template to create infographic charts to present important bits of information in an interesting manner.

infographic chart

Mix And Mash Icons To Create Your Own Icon Sets

You can also mix and mash the given icon sets to create completely new icons, as well as use the available ones for your presentation slides.

infographic icon sets

You can download the widescreen and standard versions of this template from the link given below. This animated infographic template has versions for:

  • PowerPoint (Windows and Mac OS)
  • Keynote (iPad and Mac OS)

Go to Presenter Media – Simple Icons Infographics Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Simple Icons Infographics Template (Widescreen)

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