Flags Infographic Timeline Template For PowerPoint Online

Last updated on November 17th, 2023

Infographics are graphic and highly visual representations of complex, intricate, or lengthy data or sets of information. These infographics are designed to make the information far easier to understand using vivid graphics, tables, diagrams, images and more. 

Create Infographic Timelines in PowerPoint

In this post, we are going to review a timeline template for PowerPoint that can be used as infographics. The Flags Infographic Timeline Template for PowerPoint is a free timeline PPT template that looks like a sports field peppered with flags to indicate timelines. This template can help you highlight significant events through time.

Eye-Catching Infographic Timeline with Sports Field Theme

Keeping true to the design of infographics in PowerPoint, which are being more widely used these days, this flags infographic timeline template is highly visual and interesting, without needing much words or text. Using this PowerPoint presentation template, you can tell a story that spans eras, centuries and years in a single widescreen, 16:9 slide.

Attractive Slideshow View of Inforgraphic Timeline Template

Mark Milestones With Flags in a Timeline Template

This template has a green background that is similar to a soccer field, with flags representing the highlighted events or times through the timeline. These flags are also similar to flags given to soccer players, which makes this template perfect for soccer or football related topics. This template can also be used to present significant milestones in sports. Also, since the background is in green, this template can be used to show timelines of environment-themed presentations.

Simply type in your own dates and details on the flag markers. Modify the sample text by typing in your own information. You can also move the flags along the timeline to match your own dates. To add more events on the timeline, easily copy and paste any of the flags and change the sample text.

You can also customize the overall look of the infographic timeline template by clicking on the Design tab on the Ribbon Menu and selecting from among the many Themes and Variants depending on your preferences, or to make this timeline match an already existing presentation.

Easily Change the Theme and Design to Suit Your Own Taste and Preference

You can use this free template from a browser via the link given below. There are also other slide templates that can help you create timelines for your presentations.

Go to Flags Infographics Timeline Template for PowerPoint Online

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