Animated Research Infographic PowerPoint Template

A lot of research nowadays involves hours and hours of searching through the Internet. Back in the day one had to crack open a book or two but now it’s all about digital files. The Animated Searching Through Files PowerPoint Template carries this theme of digital research in the form of infographic slides and animations.

Research Themed Animated Slides

You can use this animated research infographic PowerPoint template for making presentations about your research topic, generate infographics using the sample content, create custom diagrams and even use it as a general-purpose template for any presentation topic.

Searching through files PowerPoint templates

Layouts with Magnifying Glass Animations

The central theme of this template is ‘research’. This is why the sample slides depict a hand holding a magnifying glass. Different parts of the slides are reveal upon mouse-click. This can be a useful mechanism for gradually presenting your sub-topics before an audience.

Research PowerPoint template

Animated Bulleted Lists

The bullet list slides in particular can be a good resource for presenting each point turn by turn. Each bullet point is reveal upon mouse-click to ensure that your audience isn’t overwhelmed by too much information at the same time and so that you can make your audience keep up with all essential points properly.

Bullet list with magnifying glass

There is also a bulleted list with color keys. Each part of the list is colored with a unique color, which you can also change. As your points are revealed upon mouse-click, the magnifying glass adds a shade of the color from the revealed bullet point.

Bullet list with color keys

Create Timeline Infographics

There is also a timeline slide which enables making a timeline infographic. You can edit this slide comprehensively to replace the sample content to generate your timeline. The slide depicts magnifying glasses with files. You can add and remove not only the sample text but even the file and magnifying glass clipart.

Research timeline slide

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