Download free PPT templates for research including spy PowerPoint templates and animated investigation and research PowerPoint presentation designs with catchy backgrounds.

How to Use Net Promoter Score to Gauge Customer Loyalty

nps alternatives

A company’s relationship with its customers plays a vital role in determining if the products or services being sold by the company can remain profitable, especially when there is ample competition in the market. Customer dissatisfaction can lead to a decline in sales, a switch by clients to rival brands and a question mark on …

Organize Paper from within Microsoft Word Using Pearson Writer

Pearson Writer

Reports and documents don’t just write themselves. However, it can be hard to figure out just how to write even the first word at times. How do you introduce your topic? Should you ask a question or start with an anecdote? Writing can indeed be daunting. However, the problem doesn’t just end with the first …

Free Ebay PowerPoint Template

One of the most famous consumer-to-consumer and business to consumer platforms online is eBay. It is quite likely that most people who read this post have at some point in time shopped or at least looked for something they needed by searching eBay. The Free eBay PowerPoint Template can help you talk about this famous …

Free Research And Development PowerPoint Template

Each year companies spend millions of dollars on research and development. R&D is an essential aspect for many businesses around the globe, since it can help develop new products and processes that can be profitable for organizations. Furthermore, R&D can make production more sustainable, and in some cases, more environmentally friendly. The Free Research and …

LiquidText: iPad Document Reader Which Makes Research Easy

Document readers and Office viewers for iPad are a dime a dozen at the app store. In fact, most apps don’t seem to have anything new to offer. Many people who read documents on their tablets often require researching on various topics. Students, for instance, read PDF research papers on tablets to find useful information …

Animated Research Infographic PowerPoint Template

A lot of research nowadays involves hours and hours of searching through the Internet. Back in the day one had to crack open a book or two but now it’s all about digital files. The Animated Searching Through Files PowerPoint Template carries this theme of digital research in the form of infographic slides and animations.

Sakai: Collaborative Learning And Course Management System

A while back we brought you reviews for a number of Learning Management Systems such as Moodle, ILIAS, Open Elms and SkyPrep. Sakai is another Learning Management System we thought was worth exploring.

5 Ways Google Scholar Can Help You

Google Scholar just turned 10, this year in November and over the years it has established quite a fan following, but a common freshman or a senior student still scourges the librarian for not helping them out with their presentation, instead of using Google Scholar to search for relevant data.

MLA Style Paper Template For Word With MLA Guidelines And Instructions

Describe Photos in Your Research in MLA Style

Just as chefs have their certain specialties, or just like how people from different places dress a certain way, writers also have their own conventions and they also follow certain styles. The MLA (Modern Language Association) Style is a method of writing research papers that fall under certain areas of Humanities, such as composition and …