Free Family Reunion PowerPoint Template

Family Reunions are rare but very special for the whole family, including extended family members. It’s a time when people come together to reconnect and celebrate the fact that they are one family.

Now, if you are tasked with organizing the event, you know you have to make it extra special for everyone. The Free Family Reunion PowerPoint Template is a wonderful photo album template that spells family on every slide.


Make Your Family Reunion Memorable

This family reunion template for PowerPoint is an easy-to-use template that is free to download and can be used for family reunions. This template can be used for showing your precious family pictures during your reunion event, or for showing pictures of your family reunion in a beautiful slideshow as a keepsake.

This template features an illustrated image of grass and the blues sky, with a red checkered pattern at the bottom of the slides, similar to a picnic blanket. There are also ants of different sizes to accent the bottom, while a bright sun sits on top of the slide. Overall, the template looks fun, bright, lively, and wholesome, which makes it great for family reunions, especially for those that are held outdoors or with a certain nature-inspired theme.


Create Beautiful Slides about Your Family

The template comes ready with 5 slides, each with different looks to give you variety while still retaining the same theme. The layout is also specially designed to allow you to insert one or more pictures on each slide.

You can also add more slides by duplicating them or by adding new slides. Just click on the New Slide option in the Home menu and choose from the many layout options.


To make your whole family reunion slideshow look smooth and polished, you can also add transitions and animations. These effects can liven up your presentation so it doesn’t look too dull or too formal. You can also add music and videos to make your presentation come alive.

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