Best Construction Clipart For PowerPoint

A major backbone of many economies is the housing market. Construction projects can have national and international implications and therefore can be tied to a number of topics of discussion. If you are making a presentation where you need to discuss construction, here is the best construction clipart for PowerPoint for professional presentations.

Best construction clipart for PowerPoint

Construction Worker Isometric Clipart

This is a 3D clipart image of a construction worker. Since this is an isometric image, it has more depth and can be perfect for making construction themed presentations. The ‘Adjust Color’ feature on the download page can be used for changing the default yellow color of the hardhat and jacket of the construction worker image.

Go to Presenter Media – Construction Worker Isometric Clipart

Construction worker isometric clipart

Brick Breaking Over Helmet Clipart

This image depicts a helmet sustaining the impact of a falling brick. This clipart can be used for covering topics related to construction related accidents, as well as construction in general. By using the optionsĀ from the download page, you can even change the color of the helmet.

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Brick braking on helmet clipart

Worker with Bricks Breaking Over Helmet Clipart

This is another accident themed clipart which depicts a construction worker suffering from an accident. You can also use this clipart to give your content some humour by using the image as comic relief during your presentation.

Go to Presenter Media – Worker with Bricks Breaking Over Helmet Clipart

Construction accident clipart

Construction Crew Clipart

This can be another very good resource for making construction related presentations. This clipart depicts a crew of construction workers, with the leader of the crew highlighted in blue color.

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Construction crew clipart

Handyman Jack of All Trades Clipart

A picture of a handyman with several tools and a toolbox can be a good way of explaining the need for skilled labour for construction projects. The image itself can have a lot of symbolic value and can be used in a number of interesting ways for making an interesting construction centered slide.

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Handyman jack of all trades clipart

Brick Wall Construction Clipart

Bricks and cement are pretty much what every construction project uses. A man constructing a brick wall is therefore a most symbolic image for any construction related presentation topic. Like other clipart images in this list, you can download this image in a custom resolution, with a transparent or white background.

Go to Presenter Media – Brick Wall Construction Clipart

Brick wall construction clipart

Bulldozer Front Isometric Clipart

Heavy machinery is an important part of large construction projects. This isometric clipart depicts a bulldozer from a front angle.

Go to Presenter Media – Bulldozer Front Isometric Clipart

Bulldozer isometric clipart

Back Hoe Isometric Clipart

This is a clipart for another construction vehicle. The clipart shows a construction backhoe with an isometric view. The image is glossy and has a lot of depth, which makes it more attractive.

Go to Presenter Media – Back Hoe Isometric Clipart

Back hoe isometric clipart

For more construction related clipart images, including isometric clipart, see the links given below.

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