Animated Peek At Halloween PowerPoint Template

There are national holidays, special days attributed to religious beliefs, and then there is Halloween! Unless you’re a neopagan or wiccan, it is unlikely you have any religious affiliations with the day of Samhain aka Halloween. For most people, it’s just a day to have some fun. Animated Peek At Halloween PowerPoint Template is a presentation template which gives a comprehensive overview about Halloween celebrations.


Readymade Halloween Presentation Slides

While you can edit this template to create a new presentation, the sample slides provide a complete slide deck about Halloween. It is a crash course about Halloween and how it is celebrated in the United States.


Halloween Infographic Slides

The sample slides are laid out like infographics regarding Halloween celebrations. They provide various statistics regarding the event, such as the amount of money spent by people on Halloween, what kind of things they buy and which children’s costumes are the most famous. Then again, we all know everyone wants to be Batman!


Educate Your Students About Halloween

As this is a readymade presentation deck, you can use it to educate your students about Halloween. You might not even need to make any changes to the original slides, as the sample presentation is quite informative and can be used on its own without any changes. However, you can change the slides by customizing them as much as you like; since the entire slide deck is highly customizable.


You can move around slide objects, copy clipart and insert your own charts, diagrams and images to complement the sample content. The slides are loaded with subtle animations, making the slides more attention grabbing. You can populate the placeholders to retain the original animations, as you build your slides.


The entire template has a sunset themed background, amidst a graveyard setting. The added overlay content comes in dark colors, which makes the text and infographics legible. You can also experiment with color schemes using the Design menu in PowerPoint.

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