Animated Black Blur New Year’s PowerPoint Template

Every year many of us look for presentation templates that can help us make New Year themed slides. But many of these templates are often year specific and it can be hard to remove the year from slides, since many templates have the year hardcoded in the design. This is why a generic New Years …

Animated Peek At Halloween PowerPoint Template

There are national holidays, special days attributed to religious beliefs, and then there is Halloween! Unless you’re a neopagan or wiccan, it is unlikely you have any religious affiliations with the day of Samhain aka Halloween. For most people, it’s just a day to have some fun. Animated Peek At Halloween PowerPoint Template is a …

Best Halloween Clipart For PowerPoint Presentations

Whether you’re making a presentation at the workplace or for a school project, if it’s October, it might not hurt to add some Halloween cheer to your slides. In a previous post we brought you a list of the best Halloween PowerPoint templates, this time we have a list of Halloween clipart that can help …

Free Holiday Flyer Template For Word

Holiday events, whether they are organized by organizations or individuals, require a mechanism to invite people to join the fun. Many a times these events can be fundraisers for a good cause or might entail a ticket or entry fee. While advertising in a newspaper, on radio or TV isn’t usually feasible for many event …

Independence Day Flyer Template For Word

Whether in school, in your community, or your organization, you may celebrate Independence Day every year. After all, Independence Day is truly a great event to commemorate. So if you have something special prepared, from something as simple as an Independence Day dinner or a full-on program with performances, you need to have everyone involved.

Animated 2016 New Year PowerPoint Template

With the New Year comes the need for making presentations with the festive touch. These are often required before one is to embark for the Holiday Season or when official reports and forecasts are to be presented in January, once the vacations are over. If you need a nice template to resonate the cheerful atmosphere …

Women’s History Month PowerPoint Template


Women’s History Month is a month-long celebration of women’s contributions throughout history and contemporary society. It is celebrated throughout many parts of the world, honoring all the women who have changed and affected the course of history, whose effects are still felt today.

Animated Party PowerPoint Templates

Want to depict a party scene in your presentation slides? How about we provide you with some Animated Party PowerPoint Templates to spice up your presentation? With confettis, balloons, and other decorative content, these templates can be used for any cheerful occasion, be it a presentation about the closing quarter nearing the New Year, a …

Happy Birthday Banner PowerPoint Template


Birthdays, from those of little children to that of the elderly, are all worth celebrating. It not only marks a milestone in life but it is a celebration of life itself. So whether you are planning a big bash or a grand dinner to celebrate the birthday of a friend, colleague, family member or loved one, you …

Congratulations Banner PowerPoint Template


An achievement, such as a promotion at work or graduating from college, are milestones that are worth celebrating by family and friends. In these achievements, congratulations are in order and nothing else can say “Congratulations” with more bang than the Congratulations Banner PowerPoint Template.