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KEY is an acronym for Keep Educating Yourself, which gives the ironic message of knowledge being the key to unlocking the great secrets of life. The KEY acronym can be used as an inspirational message during class lectures, presentations by students, and even at the workplace. The Free Keep Educating Yourself PowerPoint Template provides this simple message in the form of beautiful presentation slides.

Education & Knowledge Themed PowerPoint Template

This education and knowledge themed PowerPoint template starts with a title slide with the letters posted on a chalk board with sticky notes, forming the term KEY. Beneath these sticky notes is the complete word describing each letter, forming the phrase; ‘Keep Educating Yourself’.


The title slide is followed by a content slide which gives a sample bullet list that you can edit to list down important points related to your presentation.


Create Side by Side Lists & Comparisons

There is also a sample comparison slide, where two lists are presented side by side. You can use this slide to either compare two subtopics or to simply create two lists side by side. You can also duplicate slides and edit existing sample layouts for making a custom layout, as well as insert charts, tables, diagrams and other related material to aid your presentation. In each slide the word KEY appears on three colored sticky notes, each with one of three letters.


Movable Hand & Chalk Clipart Images

There is a clipart image of a hand holding a chalk in each slide. You can delete or move these clipart images according to need. You can also copy the different clipart styles for use in your custom slides that you might have made from scratch.


This free chalk board and education PowerPoint template can be downloaded for free via

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