Animated Meadow PowerPoint Templates

Meadow images in presentations can help reflect serenity, success and prosperity. The Animated Meadow PowerPoint Templates given below are perfect for topics like growth, the environment and nature.

Animated Organic Growth PowerPoint Template

For presentations related to aforementioned topics, you can use this meadow themed template symbolically. Moreover, this PowerPoint template also has sample content which can be used for various other topics like agriculture, horticulture, travel and tourism, business, finance, etc.

Organic growth PowerPoint template

The opening slide shows an animation of a growing tree, followed by slides which provide charts, tables, stick figure clipart and related content, which you can adjust according to your requirements.

Bullet content page with stick figure

You can switch between the animated and static layouts according to need, and make use of the SmartArt, clipart and editable charts to quickly create a presentation with attractive layouts.

This template is available for PowerPoint and Keynote, including:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac
  • Apple Keynote for Mac
  • Apple Keynote for iPad

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Organic Growth PowerPoint Template

Switch layout to animated or static

Meadow Tree Video Background Template

You can download the animation of the opening slide of the template shown above by downloading it as a PPTX file or in WMV, MOV or FLV file formats, for use in presentations and in other projects. The PowerPoint PPTX version can be edited like any regular template with more editing options to customize the animation, using the PowerPoint Video Tools via the Ribbon Menu.

Meadow tree video animation

If you download this template as a video file, you can use it in various types of projects like animated banners, standalone animations and videos, banner ads, blog posts, etc.

Go to Presenter Media – Meadow Tree Video Background Template

Meadow tree animation in WMV format

Meadow Clouds Video Background Template

If you would like to remove the tree with the meadow animation shown above, you can stick to the clouds and the greenery by downloading this alternative version of the same template.

Meadow clouds template for PowerPoint

This video background template is also downloadable in multiple formats such as PowerPoint, WMV, Flash and MOV.

Go to Presenter Media – Meadow Clouds Video Background Template

Meadow clouds animation

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