Animated Company Dashboard PowerPoint Template

We have previously covered a number of Dashboard templates for PowerPoint. These templates provide layouts that make it easy to accommodate data and trends in fewer slides. We have an Animated Company Dashboard PowerPoint Template for you that can help you easily create slides in dashboard layouts.

animated company dashboards powerpoint template

Create Company Dashboards

Dashboard layouts were previously limited to web applications and complex data analysis desktop tools. However, using dashboard slides in presentations has been a trend that is likely to pick up in the near future. Dashboard slides have been around for quite some time and the layouts for PowerPoint dashboards is gradually improving. This business template can be used for making company dashboards for a comprehensive overview of projects. You can create timelines, charts, tables, business diagrams and infographics, which can be accommodated in single slides for ease of explanation.

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team dashboard

The dashboard layouts given in sample slides can be edited bit by bit to create slides that are customized with your company metrics, trends, analysis and forecasts. You can also change colors of slide objects, as well as edit, move or remove content containing sample data.

dashboard layout

Sample Diagrams with PowerPoint Shapes

The template makes good use of PowerPoint shapes to give you diagram layouts with perfectly matched color tones. These shapes can also be further edited according to need. Since dashboard templates are meant to enable presenters the ease of explanation of complex trends, the template makes it easy to edit sample objects. You can edit the given metrics; use drag and drop editing or add and remove objects for this purpose.

powerpoint dashboard with powerpoint shapes

Before you download this template, also see our list for the Best Project management PowerPoint Templates with dashboards, Gantt charts, maps, timelines, infographics and project roadmap slides.

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