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Create Stunning Charts Online With Your Data Using ChartBlocks

ChartBlocks is a web service for making stunning looking charts which can be publicly or privately shared online, as well as downloaded in different file formats, ranging from MS Excel, PDF to vector graphic formats.

3 Simple Tools for Making And Sharing Charts Online

Data Google Sheets

No matter what vocabulary you use to express your statements, but if the information is not presented in an attractive graphical representation, all goes waste. If you talk about the presentation of data in this technologically advanced world, you have numerous options including MS Office for windows, iWork for Mac and many more.

MicroStrategy Cloud Personal: Create Dashboards From Excel Spreadsheets

MicroStrategy Cloud Personal is a web service which makes it possible to create data visualizations and dashboards out of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Anyone who has used Microsoft Excel will be aware of its ability to create data visualizations by using filters, VLookup, charts, etc. However, not everyone is skilled enough to use Microsoft Excel to its …