Best Project Management Templates For PowerPoint

One of the most difficult parts of project management includes not just the planning and coordination but also the interpretation of information to clients, employees and other stakeholders. To help you visualize your project plans, timelines and ongoing progress you can use the following Project Management PowerPoint Templates.

Project Management Templates For PowerPoint

Time Management PowerPoint Template

This is an awesome template that comes laden with layouts for making timelines, project roadmaps, comparison slides and a lot more. The template shows various sample slides with images of analog clocks and a beautiful blue layout with a world map. These slides are highly customizable and you can use them for making sequential slides, displaying project plans and deadlines, as well as create map based slides to pinpoint project locations (using a world map). In case you require map templates for specific countries or continents, check out these PowerPoint Map Templates.

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Time Management PowerPoint Template

Orange Project Dashboard PowerPoint Template

It can seem impossible to cramp loads of project data in just a few slides, unless you have a smart layout to help you make the most out of your available real estate. The Project Orange Dashboard PowerPoint Template is a Modern UI like clean looking template for displaying complex data in an easy to grasp layout. With the different customizable slides in this template you can present your charts, project statistics and other types of related data using a layout that can help your audience easily understand given trends.

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Project Dashboard PowerPoint Template

Creative Timeline PowerPoint Template

This template is exactly what its name implies, a timeline template. Using elegant 3D slides you can fashion a project timeline and details about the milestones of a project. The 3D slides make it possible to add information in such a way that you are able to not only make the most out of your slide space but can also send a subliminal message regarding the direction, deadline and hurdles related to the project.

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Creative Timeline PowerPoint Template

Roadmap Timeline Template For PowerPoint

Suitable for making project roadmaps and timelines, this elegant 3D template is another good option for creating project management and planning related presentations. As you can see from screenshot given below, the road design comes with user friendly placeholders which make it possible to layout project roadmaps in style.

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Roadmap Timeline PowerPoint Template

Table Timeline Template For PowerPoint

And if you’re looking for something more conventional, then it might be a good idea to lay out your project details in the form of a Gantt chart. This template provides multiple layouts to help you display project details using a calendar like format, using colored blocks. There is also a sample slide containing blocks with multiple colors, which can be copied and moved across slides for making project and recourse planning slides, timelines, roadmaps and the like.

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Table Timeline Template For PowerPoint

For more project management templates and other types of diverse PowerPoint templates, check out the Slide Model link given below. You can download an unlimited number of professionally designed PowerPoint templates for business, finance, academic and other topics by signing up for a Slide Model Subscription.

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