Berrylicious PowerPoint Template

If you are into blueberries, you will love this next template, which you can use for all your presentation needs. This Berrylicious PowerPoint Template is a hip and trendy berry-inspired template that you can use for free if you’re going to make presentations for school, work, or personal topics.

This Berrylicious PowerPoint Template features colors of blue and blue green, with hints of purple. It also has blue dots over a curvy shaped overlay that has a gradient blue and blue green effect to help clearly display various content.


This theme dominates the whole presentation to ensure that your slides look uniform and professionally made throughout. There are also various layout options that you can utilize to display your graphs, charts, tables, lists, and diagrams. You can even insert your own photos and other images to display whatever content you need to make your presentation concise and packed with information.


To start creating your own presentation, you can use the 5 slides that are already preset as you open the template. This includes the Title Layout, List Layout, Bar Graph Layout, Table Layout, and Diagram Layout. You can just type in your own information to complete these.

If you want, you can also click on New Slide to populate a wider selection of slide layouts to choose from. Then you can add these with the slides that you already have, duplicate and rearrange them, as well as delete the slides that you don’t need. Whatever you do, you can be sure that your slides adhere to your berrylicious theme.

To customize this, you can format the theme and design of the objects you insert into each slide. You can also change the font styles and colors to suit your preferences. Furthermore, you can change the Theme colors to set your color scheme throughout your whole presentation.


This Berrylicious PowerPoint Template is perfect for personal presentations, especially if you want to plan your vacation, create a budget, show off your vacation photos, or create an event presentation. For school, this is perfect for projects and for business, this can suit many presentations in various industries such as design, textiles, and many more.

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