Bid Tracker Template For Excel

Many sectors of many industries, including the government, procure goods and services from competitive bidding. For buyers, conducting a bidding and requesting suppliers to bid ensures that they get the best supplier at the best price for the job. Now if you are one of the bidding suppliers, then you know that you should keep track of your bidding invitations so that you are prepared.


The Bid Tracker Template for Excel is a free template that you can use for your company as you bid for projects, whether in the private or public sector. Whether you are a startup and a first-timer in the bidding sphere, or an experienced one, this template can help you be on top of your game, be aware of the deadlines, and land the projects that you need for your company.

This free Excel template is designed especially for bidding. It is simple and easy to navigate and fill with all the necessary information for your bids. It contains a single worksheet tab with a table where you can list your bids and all other pertinent data.

In this bid tracker table, there are six columns, each one for the Bid Number, Item, Date of Bid, Amount, Deadline, and Days Left. These are all important details so you can keep track of your bidding invitations as well as your bid amounts. The table already has premade formula to allow you to just list all the information and let the template compute other data for you.


Another great feature of this template is the sparkline, which is a collection of horizontal bar graphs in the Amount column. These bars give you a visual on the costs of each project bid. This way, you can see at first glance the projects that need more attention based on costs.


This template is in Excel Online. This means you can easily access it via OneDrive. You can do this on any computer or mobile device. You can also easily share updates on the bid tracker via email or by sharing a link with your colleagues.

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