Fall Fun PowerPoint Template

Presentations are a great and interesting way of conveying information such as subject lessons in classrooms. Instead of the usual chalkboard discussions, you can spruce up your classroom using PowerPoint presentations that will not only keep students attentive but also help them learn.

The Fall Fun PowerPoint Template is a beautifully designed PowerPoint template that you can use to create a fall-themed presentation that contains a school, pumpkins, trees, and fall leaves. This widescreen template works best in PowerPoint 2013 and has backward compatibility for earlier versions.

Beautiful Fall-Themed Template

Colorful Presentation for Kids

This Fall Fun PowerPoint Template is one of the many educational templates that you can use for school presentations. You can use this for presentations for young children, especially in subjects like science. This template can help them understand how changes in seasons affect the environment and what changes occur every season.

Create a Seamless PowerPoint Using Various Layouts

This template is designed like a cartoon, which appeals to kids. It uses vibrant, autumn colors, making it look fun. It also features pumpkins and scarecrows, which also makes it ideal for Halloween season. You can use this template for Halloween-themed event presentations, or for your Halloween fundraiser, for example.

Use Various Slide Layouts

This Fall Fun PowerPoint Template contains 11 slide designs that you can use for presenting your data in various ways. The template starts with a title slide where you can see hills with a school on top of one, and a school bus along a road. The image contains fall trees, leaves and pumpkins in different colors.

Use Graphs, Charts and SmartArts for Presenting Data

The succeeding slides contain layouts for you to put your text, lists, tables, graphs, charts, SmartArt diagrams, photos, and many more. You can even customize these slides according to your own presentation theme and material. You can rearrange the slides and use the various slide layouts.

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  1. Can we use this template to create a presentation which then will be converted into a youtube video?

    What are the copyright issues arising out of it?

    Whom can i contact for more information?


    1. Hi Lucky. This PPT template is provided by Microsoft. We encourage to contact them in order to check their license and terms of use. I’d say that if you want to create a Video with your own content and use the theme, then you’d find any inconvenience, but please double check it with the source.

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