All You Need To Know About Skype For Business

Finally, Skype for Business has been launched for global users! Skype is one of the most trusted and preferred platforms to get connected with others universally and with the increasing pace of growing technology, this tool has also got facelift exclusively for the purpose of boosting up your business.

Skype for business

Here are a few things that you would love to know about Skype for Business:

Premium Quality Video with Real-time Collaboration at a Whole New Level

The all new Skype for business is offered with an expanded Lync feature, which is exclusively integrated for delivering performance of enterprise grade, in addition to compliance, control and security. Skype for Business comes out to be a powerful tool for communication with the best combination of premium quality call and video.

This tool, which is an additional part of Office 365, features IM, video and voice calls, online meetings and presence are well integrated with several productivity tools that are best to use for several routine tasks such as calendaring, collaboration of documents and email. Moreover, now, every Lync customer can be linked together.

Skype for business productivity features

The all new Skype for Business offers plenty of exclusive features for every business, e.g. users can now get connected through Skype using Outlook itself. You can now modernize your meetings by simply integrating this highly efficient tool Skype for Business. This tool is proficient enough to accommodate business meeting of every shape and size all across the globe. For this purpose, “Skype Room Systems” is offered.

Today, comprehensive range of devices can be optimized to convert those physical meeting spaces into the next generation of communication experiences. For instance, Polycom Round Table, which is designed exclusively for small-to-midsized organizations, is now available. It is an efficient solution built by Polycom purposely for Skype for Business. Several other purpose-built solutions for this tool would be available globally.

The Power of Skype for Business

You can see how powerful Skype for business really is by this video by Microsoft.

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