Add Real Characters in PowerPoint using Adobe Presenter 8

Adobe Presenter 8 is a great addin for PowerPoint to make rich presentations. One of the best features it have is the ability to add interactive PowerPoint graphics like animated charts and tables, but also the characters and illustrations that you can insert easily into your slides.

One of the best features to use in Adobe Presenter is the Character menu. By using this feature you can insertĀ ready-to-use character images such as business executives and medical practitioner that help you make your presentations engaging with real actors.

Add Real Characters in PowerPoint using Adobe Presenter 8

To insert characters in your PowerPoint slide.

  1. Click Adobe Presenter tab in the PowerPoint ribbon
  2. Look for the Insert section and Character.
  3. Here you can choose the category of characters to show, for example you can choose business, medical characters (check our free Medical Templates for more information), but also illustrated characters for PowerPoint presentations.
powerpoint illustrations characters
Then, just click OK to insert the characters.
powerpoint characters
By using this nice feature in Adobe Presenter 8 with PowerPoint 2010, you can insert:
  • Business Characters
  • Casual Characters
  • Illustrated Characters
  • Medical Characters

You can download moreĀ Adobe Presenter Templates with new scenes and characters from online website. Here we are preparing a list of new templates that you can download. Alternatively you can also check the free characters illustration templates for PowerPoint.

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