Presenting to Large Auditoriums

Standing up and presenting to a large auditorium full of people who all are there to listen to you is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of people.

Sometimes it become quite daunting to face a huge gathering, but it can become easy if you take it as presenting to smaller audiences, like presenting your strategies to your senior, team members, graduate trainees and others. But difference in both the events is hesitation of public speaking. So, what can you do to curb this? What can bring credibility and conviction in your speech? Try these;


You must have confidence on yourself that you are the expert and people have chosen you to be there. And if you feel nervousness just exercise deep breathing and get ready for big moment.

You must know your audience

Before giving presentation you must know, what are the expectations of your audience and what they want to learn? And while preparing for your presentation try to think from listener point of view.

Understand your subject

Merely knowing your subject is not sufficient you must have full-fledged knowledge about it because you need to clear the concept to your audience. This will make you confident to face unexpected questions.

Body Language

Being a good public speaker doesn’t mean that you need to care of words only, but you also need to maintain a positive body language throughout the presentation. And while delivering speech pay attention to your Posture, Gesture and eye contact. Yes, you must have eye contact with your audience.

Speak slowly and clearly

People often want to over their presentation quickly or sometimes due to nervousness they start speaking hastily. But it must be avoided if you want to give a successful presentation. Simple way to curb this nervousness is practice and preparation. And deliver your message by using appropriate pauses and emphasizing your key points.

Use Humor

No other best way is there to engage your audience and to retain their attention other than using humor. You can use or share pretty funny moments or stories with them, this will break the ice and you will win your listeners.

Be yourself

You must have this factor if you want to win heart of your audience. Yes, viewers can not enjoy your speech unless you yourself don’t enjoy it. Speak as you generally interact with person you want to convince something.

So, this was all about presenting to a large auditorium. Implement these and give your next shot as best one.

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