Animated Characters

Animated characters can make your presentations extra special and enable you to impress your audience by using attractive characters. With the help of these posts you can download animated characters for use in PowerPoint presentations.

Also see the web services listed in this section for making animated presentations with lively characters. These tips and reviews are aimed at both beginners looking to easily incorporate animated characters in their presentations and advanced presenters looking to add something extraordinary to their slides.

How to Optimize an Animated GIF

adjust colors for gif

We have previously covered a number of GIF animations for PowerPoint presentations. We also showed methods for creating GIF animations from presentations and to record screencasts in GIF format. However, GIF animations can be quite heavy and might take a lot of time to load in a presentation or on a webpage. There are a number …

Animated Images for PowerPoint Presentations

Often we need to decorate our PowerPoint presentations with animated GIF and other animated images to represent different situations, gestures as well as scenarios. Fortunately we can do that by using animated GIF and other animated cliparts. Even if PowerPoint comes with a nice gallery where you can download free moving pictures for PowerPoint presentations, …