Animated Characters

Animated characters can make your presentations extra special and enable you to impress your audience by using attractive characters. With the help of these posts you can download animated characters for use in PowerPoint presentations.

Also see the web services listed in this section for making animated presentations with lively characters. These tips and reviews are aimed at both beginners looking to easily incorporate animated characters in their presentations and advanced presenters looking to add something extraordinary to their slides.

Animated Digital Robot Template For PowerPoint

When making technology themed presentations, nothing works better than a robot. We previously brought the review for the Animated Robot PowerPoint Template, this time we will provide you with a feature overview for an animated video background template for PowerPoint, i.e. the Animated Boxy Robot Template.

How To Add Moving Animations To Presentations

Adding animations to your presentations can have a lasting impact. Animations are not only attention grabbing but also allow presenting presentations in a lively manner to ensure that your audience does not get bored and you are able to make your slides more memorable. In this post we will explore a few interesting methods to …

Trademark Templates For PowerPoint Presentations About Copyrights

Copyrights is a pressing issue which needs to be properly catered for or you can end up losing valuable time and money spent on your work, this is because copyrights for some people unfortunately means, ‘the right to copy’. To make sure that such individuals don’t get the right to copy your content, it is …

Animated Team Turning Gears PowerPoint Template

In a previous post we brought you a collection of the Best Animated Teamwork PowerPoint Templates, this time we will provide you with a review of another fine template which can help you create presentations related to success, motivation and teamwork with the help of interesting animated content.

Best Animated Teamwork PowerPoint Templates

Teamwork is an important theme for motivational presentations which are necessary to keep your employees on top of their game. Furthermore, team building and brainstorming sessions rely heavily on the cooperation of teams working together as a unit. Let’s take a look at some amazing Animated Teamwork PowerPoint Templates and their customization options.

Medical PowerPoint Template Toolkit

Medical PowerPoint Presentations can require a whole set of images and clipart to demonstrate different sub-topics within a presentation. The Medical Measure Toolkit is a set of editable slides which act as a toolkit for making medical presentations.

Animated Images for PowerPoint Presentations

Often we need to decorate our PowerPoint presentations with animated GIF and other animated images to represent different situations, gestures as well as scenarios. Fortunately we can do that by using animated GIF and other animated cliparts. Even if PowerPoint comes with a nice gallery where you can download free moving pictures for PowerPoint presentations, …

Moving Pictures for PowerPoint Presentations

If you need to make powerful animated presentations using PowerPoint then you can consider to use moving pictures for PowerPoint presentations. There are many resources where you can download free moving cliparts for PowerPoint but if you are taking seriously the task of presenting a PowerPoint to an important audience and look for high quality …

Add Real Characters in PowerPoint using Adobe Presenter 8

Adobe Presenter 8 is a great addin for PowerPoint to make rich presentations. One of the best features it have is the ability to add interactive PowerPoint graphics like animated charts and tables, but also the characters and illustrations that you can insert easily into your slides. One of the best features to use in …