Cartoon Avatars

Create cartoon avatars for presentations, marketing videos, product demos, etc. There are a number of animated templates and web services listed below to help you generated animated avatars, characters and presentations by following a few simple steps.

With the aid of these resources you can easily generate your own animated characters, presentation slides, promotional videos and standalone cartoon avatars for personal or commercial use.

Animated Images for PowerPoint Presentations

Often we need to decorate our PowerPoint presentations with animated GIF and other animated images to represent different situations, gestures as well as scenarios. Fortunately we can do that by using animated GIF and other animated cliparts. Even if PowerPoint comes with a nice gallery where you can download free moving pictures for PowerPoint presentations, …

Static & Animated Avatars for PowerPoint Presentations

Talking avatars for PowerPoint presentations can help to make more dynamic and familiar presentations. There are many different places where we can download free avatars and characters for presentations. Business Characters for Presentations From Vector Characters you can download free vector characters for business presentations. The collection includes different free sets of vector characters for …