Static & Animated Avatars for PowerPoint Presentations

Talking avatars for PowerPoint presentations can help to make more dynamic and familiar presentations. There are many different places where we can download free avatars and characters for presentations.

cartoon business characters

Business Characters for Presentations

From Vector Characters you can download free vector characters for business presentations. The collection includes different free sets of vector characters for business that you can download and then use Illustrator or Photoshop to get each individual character. This way you can use a different character on every slide. The good point about static avatars like these is that with a single set you can then use the characters in the slides in a customized way. For the end user it will seem like you have edited the characters multiple times and prepared it careful for your slide.

cartoon characters business

This collection of avatar templates from VectorCharacters includes:

  • Vector businessman reading a book
  • Smiling businessman cartoon character
  • Vector businessman illustration
  • Amazed vector character
  • Businessman cartoon character holding a pen
  • Vector illustration of a businessman holding a wrench
  • Vector businessman with thumbs up
  • Confused cartoon character
  • Businessman holding a chalkboard
  • Happy businessman vector character
  • Businessman illustration holding a box
  • Vector character holding a certificate
  • Cartoon character holding an envelope
  • Smiling businessman illustration

You can download free pack of cartoon businessman characters characters for presentations from

Unfortunately the characters are not dynamic, but static instead, so if you are in the search for animated characters this won’t be the solution.

Animated Business Avatars for PowerPoint Presentations

Another alternative, while it is not free, is to use the addin from Sitepal. This SitePal PowerPoint add-in that allows creating, customizing and adding talking animated characters to your website or presentations. This way, you can narrate text from your website or presentation to grab the attention of your audience with a talking characters especially designed for your presentation or needs. This kind of interactive characters or avatars can also make your content more eye catching and attractive.

To get started, get a SitePal package, select an image from the stock avatars (or upload a photo), and record your voice. You can also use the SitePal text-to-speech functionality, which is available in multiple languages. Once the process is complete, you can get the embed code or use Flash to add the avatar to your website.

SitePal can also be used for deploying “virtual employees” to collect leads and to instruct incoming website visitors. This way, small and medium size organizations can save the cost of having to hire 24/7 support staff, as a talking avatar can easily guide visitors across the website and inform them of various packages that a business may have to offer.

Customization options include selecting everything from the clothing, background, to the hair and skin color of the animated character. With SitePal you can create characters according specific regions. For example, let’s say you have a website for Chinese visitors and another one for British visitors. In such a case you can create characters, choose backgrounds and record voices that may be more appropriate for your visitors in that region. For a demonstration of SitePal features check out the below video.

SitePal has four different packages, namely, Bronze ($9.95 per month), Silver ($19.95 per month), Gold ($39.95 per month) and Platinum ($249.95 per month). Combining SitePal with PowerPoint allows you to enhance your presentations with a nice avatar video in the slide design.

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