5 Ways Google Scholar Can Help You

Google Scholar just turned 10, this year in November and over the years it has established quite a fan following, but a common freshman or a senior student still scourges the librarian for not helping them out with their presentation, instead of using Google Scholar to search for relevant data.

Google Scholar is a great way to search for academic data and research papers especially if you are in no mood to browse through unreliable resources spread over the Internet sphere.

Google Scholar

For all those people looking forward to an easy and reliable data source for making presentations, research papers, or exam notes, here are 5 ways Google Scholar can help you with that.

Well Researched Content

Google Scholar is a simple search engine just like the search bar on Google’s homepage. The only difference being that scholar returns results of relevant academic works pertaining to your search. This has redefined the process of E-learning and made it more effective in every possible way. This not only allows users to easily search for the academic content they are looking for but also makes sure that the presentations they make are well researched.

Easy Citations

Citations are one of the most difficult things to do if you are a last minute Bibliography writer. It becomes really hard to cite a reliable source if you do not actually jot down the names of the books or other resources that you have used during the research phase of your project cum presentation. The Cite button allows you to easily search for the related citation and add it to your document.

Research Papers

Google Scholar has a vast database of amazing research papers that have been submitted globally by various scholars. This makes it the perfect source of amazing research papers that you require to prepare for your exams as well as for any research that you plan on doing. This makes it easier for you to get all the data you need since you don’t need to browse through the internet realm for the research paper that you need.

Reliable Libraries

Google Scholar allows the users to create libraries of relevant data for using when they need it the most. The best part of these libraries is that you can also browse through the libraries that others have created on the topics of your interest. This helps you in saving time when you need a certain resource. All you need to do is access the library of your choice and get the resource rather than performing a search all over again.

Scholar Alerts

Google Scholar alerts is the best thing that can happen to you if you are following up on a current event. Every time a paper or a book is published related to the alert created, you will instantly get an update and you can access the latest papers easily. This makes sure that you have access to the latest data easily.

Google Scholar is truly an amazing resource for students, researchers, and enthusiasts who want to get quick and reliable research resources. If you are not using it yet, it is time to start.

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