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Library Book Check Out Sheet For Excel


If you’re a librarian or school administration in charge of keeping track of the books that come in and out of the library, you know that the task can be pretty tedious. Despite the influx of eBooks, there are still many students and even teachers who prefer the feel of reading an actual book or …

5 Ways Google Scholar Can Help You

Google Scholar just turned 10, this year in November and over the years it has established quite a fan following, but a common freshman or a senior student still scourges the librarian for not helping them out with their presentation, instead of using Google Scholar to search for relevant data.

Free Taking Notes & Pencil Shapes for PowerPoint Presentations

If you need to prepare presentations for secretary topics as well as other taking notes topics then you can use our free PowerPoint shapes and PPT symbols with unique illustrations including this free Pencil PowerPoint Shape for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. You can download this free PPT template with different pencil color shapes ready to be …