Google Classroom: Assign & Grade Student Assignments Online

Many tech companies nowadays are aiming for a more futuristic approach towards the use of technology. Be it the Myo gadget which makes you look like Jean Grey with telekinetic powers or Microsoft’s Holo Lens which is likely to give Google Glasses a run for its money. Another recent product that seems to aim for something out …

Sakai: Collaborative Learning And Course Management System

A while back we brought you reviews for a number of Learning Management Systems such as Moodle, ILIAS, Open Elms and SkyPrep. Sakai is another Learning Management System we thought was worth exploring.

Group Assignment To Do List Template For Excel Online

Ever had the problem of tracking group assignments, where you just can’t keep up with who was assigned what task and when is it due? The Group Assignment To Do List Template for Excel Online can help you track and update group assignment tasks, with the utility of online collaboration.

5 Ways Google Scholar Can Help You

Google Scholar just turned 10, this year in November and over the years it has established quite a fan following, but a common freshman or a senior student still scourges the librarian for not helping them out with their presentation, instead of using Google Scholar to search for relevant data.

Free Assignments Template For Excel

Efficient Tracking of Assignments and Progress

For teachers, professors and even students, keeping track of lesson plans, students, grades and assignments can be a tough task. One has to be organized and methodical. There are many Assignment trackers in the web today but only very few are as efficient, convenient and as beautifully designed as the Free Assignments Template for Excel.

Track Classes, Notes And Assignments With SemesterPlanner

SemesterPlanner is a web service which acts as your personalized learning management system for keeping track of your classes, assignments, notes and documents. Many online portals provided by universities can be quite inadequate and it can be hard to customize them to keep track of important events or to save documents online. This is where …

Free Assignment Schedule Template for Excel 2013

If you need to keep track of your assignments in Excel or download a free Assignment schedule template for Microsoft Excel then this free Excel 2013 template can be used for this purpose. Free Assignment schedule Excel 2013 template is a free spreadsheet template that you can download from website to keep track of your assignments …