3D Circular Flow Diagram in PowerPoint using Shapes

Recently we explained how we can take advantage of SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint to create nice flow diagrams. Today we will show you how to create a nice circular flow diagram in PowerPoint using SmartArt.

Circular diagrams can be used in many different situations, for example if you need to show a flow diagram in your organization or business presentations. Circular diagram applications include context diagrams, diagrams for mind mapping, audit flow diagram, circular process flow diagrams, data flow diagrams and more.

If we want to create a circular flow diagram like in the picture below, we can insert a Cycle Diagram using SmartArt.

insert smart art powerpoint

First, choose Insert and SmartArt and then look for the Segmented Cycle diagram. This diagram is intended to be used in this way:

Use to show a progression or a sequence of stages, tasks, or events in a circular flow. Emphasizes the interconnected pieces. Each of the first seven lines of Level 1 text corresponds to a wedge or pie shape. Unused text does not appear, but remains available if you switch layouts.

So no we can insert the diagram and it will look like this:

3D Circular Flow Diagram in PowerPoint using Shapes

You can edit the stages by entering the items in the list. Then you can change the 3D rotation by choosing Design tab and styles. You can also change the color scheme used for the stages or the global flow diagram.




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