2016-2017 Academic Calendar Template For Word Online

For a great start to any school year, you have to be organized and prepared. This includes knowing your school’s events as well as keeping track of your plans, goals, and priorities for each school year.

2016-2017 academic calendar template for Word online

Be Prepared for The School Year

To help you get started, you can use thisĀ 2016-2017 Academic Calendar Template for Word Online, which is a very useful template for students and teachers alike. This template is perfect for those who want to be aware of their class schedules, whether they are in elementary, high school, college, or even graduate school. Even teachers can make use of this template as this will help them organize their own academic schedules right before the school year starts.

The 2016-2017 Academic Calendar Template features a complete and updated school year calendar with a clean layout over a crisp, white background. Still, you can change the tables of each of the months to reflect your own design or color preferences. Just go to the Design Tab under table tools when you click on any of the months of the academic calendar.

Word online calendar template

Be on Top of Your Class

The calendar itself, meanwhile, starts with August, as with any regular school year, and ends in July the next year. All the days of the months can then be shaded on so you can color code your activities. There are examples that are already provided on the template so you can simply follow this to create and organize your own schedules.

This template can be uploaded to your OneDrive account so you can easily access it from your smartphone, tablet, or any computer anytime you need it. You just open any browser, go to the Office Online portal, and login your account credentials. From here, you can easily open this template, modify it, or even share your academic calendar to your classmates, for a project for example, or to your class, if you’re a teacher.

Manage semester schedule

You can also have this template printed out so you can post your schedule in your room or carry a hard copy with you.

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