Academic Course Overview PowerPoint Template

For teachers, every start of a school year or semester brings about new sets of young minds to educate. With this also come more changes, as teachers would need to adjust their teaching styles, classroom management and lessons, to the students, school regulation, and education breakthroughs.

Have a Professional, Formal Academic Course Overview

Create a Professional Course Overview for Your Students

No matter what subject you may teach, you would still need a course overview to relay to your students how you plan to go about teaching the subject and what your students can expect to learn and do in your course. The Academic Course Overview PowerPoint Template is a beautiful template that is perfect for any teacher to set expectations to the class during the start of the school year or semester.

The first day of meeting the teacher can establish how the rest of the school year would be. This is where teachers and students get their first impression of each other and teachers can get the students interested about the subject. The Academic Course Overview PowerPoint Template contains 10 slides that can help teachers to easily prepare and organize their academic course overview for their students and make wonderful use of the first few days of class.

Layout Specified for Teachers and Education Industry

The Academic Course Overview template has a red background that gives your presentation a professional and formal look, making this template perfect for high school to college, and even graduate school students. This template for teachers starts off with a cover or title page where you can write the title of your course, your name and your course number.

The succeeding templates contain a guide that lets you conveniently fill in the needed information. The headings allow you to instantly have an organized course overview. These are Course Description, Course Objectives, Required Materials, Instructional Methods, Schedule, Assessment Criteria, Resources, and Instructor Contact Information. The last slide contains questions for teachers to ask students, or can be left as is to allow students to ask their own questions.

Printable Template Containing Useful Charts, Tables and Diagrams

This template is designed in a way to make it easier for students to know what to expect from the class so that they can prepare themselves. This will also give an idea on how they will be graded and assessed in the class.

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