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Student Report Template For Word With Cover Photo

As a student, whether in elementary, high school, college, or even graduate school, you may find yourself required to make a student report or two every once in a while. Often, these student reports may be about a specific topic on a particular subject or study. This said, your report must be concise yet packed …

2016-2017 Academic Calendar Template For Word Online

For a great start to any school year, you have to be organized and prepared. This includes knowing your school’s events as well as keeping track of your plans, goals, and priorities for each school year.

Student Attendance Record Template For Excel

As a teacher, you have many tasks and responsibilities. Aside from preparing lesson plans and teaching students while still keeping them attentive, you also have to balance learning with some fun. On top of this, you also have to keep a close eye on your students’ attendance.

Student Report Word Template With Cover Photo


How you create your student report can mean the difference between acting and slumping in class. A student report must be able to clearly and concisely convey your report’s main ideas and supporting data. It should also be well-organized and well-written. Of course, it should be thoroughly researched, original, and with visual data and appropriate …

College Loan Calculator for Excel

Most college students rely on different funding sources to pay for their education. While some get their funds from personal savings, family savings, or scholarships and grants, many also get their funding from college loans.

Widescreen Chalkboard PowerPoint Template


If you are a teacher or a student and you need to create an educational presentation in PowerPoint, nothing can be as effective than a Widescreen Chalkboard PowerPoint Template, such as the one reviewed in this post. This Chalkboard PowerPoint Template is a cloud-based template that features a realistic chalkboard look that is perfect for …

Homework Calendar Template For Excel

Automatically Update Your Calendar As You List Your Assignments

As a student, you will have a few things to worry about and one of them is your homework. In school, it is important to be able to do your homework on time, especially if teachers require special projects that require time to create. It is also important to balance your deliverables in school, like …

Homework Calendar Template For Excel

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Being a student entails a lot of responsibilities such as ensuring that you complete your homework and submit them it time. For those in grade school and in higher levels, this can be a huge task, especially for those who really want to do great in school. Many students even have extra-curricular activities such as student organizations …

College Year Calendar Template For Excel

Set Appointments and Meetings with this Handy Calendar for Students

In your college years, you may have your share of joining activities and organizations while studying. You may even be working yourself on your way through college and having a part-time job on your free time. There are also the reports, tests, papers, PowerPoint Presentations, and so many requirements to meet in your academic life. …

Free Student Paper Template For Word Online

Beautifully Designed Standard Student Paper Template for Word Online

Writing student papers, or term papers, can be very tedious, especially since every aspect of it is critical: from research to composing it to ensuring that it looks professional and well-written. There are also certain guides that you need to follow when it comes to writing these student papers, or academic literature. As a student, you …