Animated Process Timeline PowerPoint Template

You might require illustrating a process in the form of a process timeline or infographic. Cycle Tabs is an animated presentation slide deck which gives process cycle sample illustrations with editable objects. You can use each slide as it is or copy slide objects to use in your presentations.

Animated process timeline PowerPoint template

Process Timeline Layouts

This animated process timeline PowerPoint template gives removable images with each timeline and infographic slide, which you can edit by adding your own images with relevant text. The process layouts are designed in such a way that you can make minor to major changes with ease; to use the slides for any topic.

Process timeline slide

Create Timelines with a Set of Pictures to Explain a Process

The timeline slides come with sets of water drop like placeholders with sample images. All objects in these slides are replaceable and you can even recolor parts of or the entire slide. Moreover, you can also copy or cut the water drop like tabs to use in other slides.

Picture process timeline

Process Infographic Layouts

There are more infographic layouts than timeline slides in this template, however, since the content is editable and generic in each of them, you can use them interchangeably. In fact, you can even create an infographic timeline to better explain a process or chain of events.

The slide shown below, for instance, gives eight segments, each with replaceable images and text-placeholders, with optional space for adding your logo and slide title. Additionally, you can also replace the image at the center of the slide to illustrate the process more robustly by adding a picture of something central to your presentation topic.

Process infographic

Cycle Diagrams for Illustrating Processes

The main theme of this template consists of cycle or process diagrams. These cycle diagrams come in various forms, with layouts suggesting their use as timelines and infographics in particular. There is also an icons set in this template with dozens of handy icons related to different aspects of office and personal life.

Sample process diagram

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