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High School can be considered as the most memorable and most exciting time in one’s life before the responsibilities and pressure of adulthood. Many people are still connected or in contact with their high school friends or classmates and some even frequently visit their schools for old times’ sake.


A yearbook, also known as an annual since it is published annually, is a good way to keep that piece of high school with you even after you have moved on and have gone to college or into employment.

Usually, a team or organization is in charge of creating a yearbook for the graduating high school batch. They are the ones responsible in compiling photos of the students and many other information and pictures, like academic and extracurricular organizations. Some yearbooks contain recaps of memorable events, including football and basketball games.


The Free Template

The Yearbook Template for Microsoft Publisher is a free to use template, which is available at the Microsoft Office portal for free.

Some consider putting together a yearbook quite a daunting task. However, there are many useful tools that help make the task easier, with great results. This Yearbook Template is a useful tool to help you create a high school yearbook full of photos. This template contains spaces for pictures of students and organizations. Organizations include Sports, Drama, Music and Student Body, to name a few. This template also contains space for teachers.


Design and Customizations

This free Yearbook Template for Microsoft Publisher is designed to suit any high school yearbook. Its standard format is great for any school and concept and can be customized. The placeholders can be changed to suit your school’s unique organizations and they can be formatted to represent your own school colors. This template runs on Publisher 2007 or later.

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