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Yearbook Template For Microsoft Publisher


High School can be considered as the most memorable and most exciting time in one’s life before the responsibilities and pressure of adulthood. Many people are still connected or in contact with their high school friends or classmates and some even frequently visit their schools for old times’ sake.

Creating a Letterhead in Publisher

This tutorial might seem like jumping into the deep end, but with Publisher’s base being a reliance on templates, this will actually be a simple one. In this tutorial we’ll be creating a letterhead in Microsoft Publisher. Scroll down to the More Office Templates section and click on Letterhead. This will take you to a …

Learn the Basic Functions of Microsoft Publisher’s Interface

This will be a very short tutorial to help familiarize you with Microsoft Publisher’s interface. First let’s start with File since we’re greeted with this first. No, we won’t go over the features of File, but underneath the File tab you’ll notice we start at New. This is where you select your template or start from …