Lesson Plans

Daily Lesson Planner Template For Word


Regardless of subject or format, all teachers need to have a Lesson Plan. An effective lesson plan provides a guide for teachers to manage the learning environment since many unpredictable events can occur within the classroom. One of the roles of a teacher or instructor is to prepare a lesson plan to ensure a well-organized …

Yearbook Template For Microsoft Publisher


High School can be considered as the most memorable and most exciting time in one’s life before the responsibilities and pressure of adulthood. Many people are still connected or in contact with their high school friends or classmates and some even frequently visit their schools for old times’ sake.

Using PowerPoint to prepare Lesson Plans

Using Power Point Presentations for classroom, a teacher can create effective lesson plan that can help students in gaining a better learning experience. Rather than using traditional boards and chalks for explaining, this technology enables the tutor to use multimedia visualizations, coloring a clear picture in front of students. This communicative teaching acts as an efficacious tool to achieve …