Opening PowerPoint Presentations in a Chromebook

Chromebook is a personal computer running ChromeOS as its operating system. This device was originally designed to be used connected to the Internet and support the same kind of applications that you can install for example using Google Chrome web browser and others, rather than traditional applications that you need to install on the machine itself.

Opening PowerPoint Presentations in a Chromebook

It is a great device to be used for educational purposes but also for businesses. However, if you want to run or open your PowerPoint presentations on Chromebook then you should be aware that there is no Microsoft PowerPoint for Chromebook available.

However, there are some alternatives in order to open your PowerPoint presentations in a Chromebook computer.

First, you can use the Microsoft Office Web Apps which is a free service and online version of Microsoft Office. It is compatible with your Chromebook so you can open and edit the presentations there. This is exactly what Google help suggested in this page.


Another alternative is to use other services which allow you to open or convert PowerPoint .ppt files into an online version. If you want to play your presentations but not edit them then you can use to upload the presentation online. Learn more about Chromebook here.

You can also convert your PowerPoint presentations to video, which will make easier to play the slideshow in any Chromebook computer, however the drawback here is that you can’t control the slideshow (going forward or backward) if you are using slides, but you can easily go backward or forward to any other video position.

There are many other alternatives to use PowerPoint in Chromebook. We’d recommend you to check this article Alternatives to Share PowerPoint online to learn more.

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