Workplace Survey Template for Excel Online

Providing employees with survey forms across a large organization can be time consuming. Moreover, estimating responses and making sense out of data to calculate an average response for a specific question can be even more daunting and there might be the need to enter a lot of data manually from paper, which can result in frequent errors.

Workplace Survey Template for Microsoft Excel

The Workplace Survey Template for Excel Online provides an editable survey form which can be customized with your own questions and electronically distributed to company employees to gather responses.

Workplace survey template for Excel Online

Share Survey Online and Calculate Trends

As this template is in Excel Online, you can edit and share your survey form online via direct link or email, making it easier to gather responses; even from geographically mobile areas of the organization.

This can also help you cut down on paper cost and use Excel to use your accumulated data for making out trends related to employee responses.

Calculate trends for survey data

Instructions for Customizing Survey Form

The spreadsheet contains two tabs, one contains the sample survey, whereas the other provides detailed instructions for customizing the sample survey to create your own custom form.

Instructions for customizing form

Like other Office Online Templates, you will require a Microsoft account to gain access to this survey form template using Excel Online. Although this template has been designed for workplace surveys, however, you can also use it for making other types of surveys, such as the ones for academic use or for gathering primary data for field research.

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