Why It’s Worth Paying For Dropbox Extra Storage?

Operated by Dropbox Inc., Dropbox is one of the most famous cloud storage services offering client software, file synchronization and cloud storage. The company was founded in 2007 by Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston as a Y Combinator startup organization. It enables user to create a particular folder on each of the computer systems which Dropbox then matches so that it displays files from the same folder no matter which device is used to see it.

For this 6 year old Company, the total revenues are just amazing. Cloud computing industry is red hot and Dropbox boasts 50% + annual growth rates.

Dropbox Extra Storage

How To Get Free Dropbox Storage?

When it comes to giving users the ways to earn extra storage space Dropbox is the star indeed. It gives each user a few extra tasks that could earn them up almost 16 extra gigabytes. Not just this, it also provides client software for web browsers, Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, BlackBerry OS and Linux.

Earn Free Dropbox Storage By Inviting Friends And Completing Tasks

Even if you are a educator, you can make extra 8.75 GB which can almost get doubled to 16.75 GB with an .edu email address.  The best method to earn 250 MB worth of extra space on Dropbox is to complete the get started list of tasks and also get an additional 125 MB for connecting social accounts like Facebook and Twitter. The tasks are simple and you can easily complete them in no time

Earn Free Dropbox Storage Using HTC Devices

There are also some mobile devices which provide extra Dropbox space when you login to your account using a new mobile phone. For example, depending upon the model, HTC phones provide the opportunity to increase Dropbox space by logging in from a new mobile device. Logging in via an HTC Desire C will increase your Dropbox space by 25 GB for 2 years, whereas other phones offer different types of extra temporary storage in the same way (depending upon the model).

Get more space - Dropbox

Advantages Of Buying Dropbox Storage

In order to increase your storage space, you may opt for SugarSync’s referral program as well. Now, you must be wondering, why it’s worth paying for Dropbox extra storage, here are some reasons:

  • Dropbox works with 3rd party applications and project management tools. It is one of the most well integrated web applications, which means it has support for various platforms.
  • The organization has enough scale that it could simply use the leaning curve to its benefit. People have already taken it as a part of their workflow using Dropbox cloud storage.
  • There are several network effects given that various individuals and teams are using the tools for collaboration and sharing. All this makes the Dropbox a great and healthy Company

In today’s high tech savvy world, it’s right to say that if the user require Dropbox extra storage then certainly it is worth paying for.

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