The New Era Of Cloud Presentations

With the rapid development of technology, you can simply design a PowerPoint Presentation without using Open Office, Keynote and PowerPoint itself.  How? Well, this is the era of cloud computing where you can easily take the help of popular web apps. While PowerPoint itself has come up with cloud based features, there are various online presentation web services and web apps which are quickly gaining ground.

Cloud Computing is a set of business practices and technologies that allow companies of all sizes to scale, monitor, deploy and build applications using resources that are accessed over the internet. Thus, with  internet access you can easily design a presentation in the cloud which is nowadays known as Cloud Presentations.

Clous Presentations

How Cloud Presentations Can Be Shared And Stored?

In order to share and store your presentations in the cloud, you may use  Office 365, Microsoft Office Sky Drive and the Microsoft Web Apps. It offers 7 GB of free online storage and you can use this storage for not just presentations only. Even, if you want to share a large file that’s too big to email, you may upload it to Sky Drive, get the URL and e-mail it to the recipient. To download the file, an individual can click the URL.

Storing a presentation in the cloud will give you a lot of advantages. For example, you can embed the presentation on your blog or website so that people without PowerPoint can see the presentation on the Web. Not just this, it’s an off-site backup and you can share the link with prospective customers for marketing or with colleagues for collaboration.

What Are The Best Cloud-Based Solutions?

Let’s talk about some other cloud based solutions that can help you create perfect professional looking presentations. To help you make a wise decision, have a look at some of the services:

  • If you are interested merely in sharing existing presentations, SlideShare can help your presentation go viral. It is mainly free, but a paid package can get you sharing abilities, private uploads and analytics
  • AuthorStream provides a true multimedia presentation experience and enables you to share PowerPoint presentations online with multimedia content. It has a free version with 100 MB of free cloud storage, however, paid versions provide more storage space and more enhanced features like presentation analytics.
  • With the help of SlideOnline, you will be able to see how many people liked your presentation and communicate with other users like a social network. This web based presentation tool focuses in the provision of an easy mechanism to upload and share PowerPoint and PDF files as online presentations, with social networking features.

Of course, there are also other alternatives which may be more suitable for storing presentations rather than sharing and presenting them out of the box. Some examples, include; Google Drive, Zooho, Dropbox and Box.


With the immense utility and flexibility that is being offered by cloud platforms and the rise in the use of mobile devices, presentations in the cloud are here to stay and might even replace conventional modes of offline presentation.

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