Watercolor PowerPoint Template

Aside from being informative and interesting, your PowerPoint Presentation must also reflect what your topic, theme, company or personality is all about. Is should visually tell a story and leave a good impression on your audience. Like in fashion, where you have to make sure that you project the look that you want, you should also dress up your presentation in a way that captures what you are all about.

Cool and Soothing Background and Color Scheme

If you are involved in fine art, galleries, arts and crafts, textiles, paint, design, and many similar industries, then you would need a presentation look that is artistic and textured. The Watercolor PowerPoint Template is an interesting template that has a modern, textured design and color scheme. Its background is set with a paper texture with a color wash resembling an abstract watercolor painting.

This Watercolor PowerPoint Template features a mix of cool blue and green colors that merges at times to create turquoise hues, making it also great for beach, sea, or marine presentation themes.

The template features 11 sample slides that allow you to present your data using different layouts. You can choose from among these layout options and duplicate or delete the slides according to your needs. You can also add new slides and choose from the layouts that are also available in the menu.

Add New Slides and Choose from a Variety of Layouts

The cover or title slide starts the template off. The whole slide is covered with the blue and green watercolor design over textured paper. The colors are chosen to be light enough to allow your text and any other content to clearly show against the background.

The inside slides contain a variety of full background overlay while some simply show the blue and green watercolor effect on the edges of the slide, much like borders. You can present your data in lists, tables, graphs, charts, photos, diagrams, and more. The template leaves you with full control on how you want your presentation to come out.

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